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No one should grow old alone

No one should grow old alone.

The Salvation Army welcomes seniors each day across our division.

The Salvation Army provides a wide range
of elder care and support options.

The Salvation Army passionately invites senior citizens into relationships with others through our many senior centers and eldercare programs. To help combat the loneliness, depression, and loss of independence that often accompany old age, we provide group dining experiences, coordinate activities, visit the homebound, and offer residential assistance for older adults in need of a senior living community.

To find out about senior programming in your area, contact The Salvation Army nearest you.

Help us make a difference.

Happy, healthy seniors make our communities stronger!
When you give to your local Salvation Army, you help provide resources for our seniors against isolation and depression.

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The Salvation Army is dedicated to
serving Seniors and the Elderly through


Each Salvation Army corps community center serves its local senior citizen community in unique ways to meet specific needs. A wide variety of program offerings - ranging from clubs and classes to groups and gatherings - empowers older adults to learn, laugh, and thrive among like-minded friends.

Food Programs

From sit-down programs that provide nutritious, hot meals and valuable human interaction, to food box distribution and home visits, we help ensure that seniors do not go hungry.


The Salvation Army works to stimulate the minds and bodies of older adults via educational opportunities,
low-impact exercise, dances, lunches, fellowship, and countless other "young at heart" activities.

Spread the Word

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Depression doesn't get better with age.

Approximately 7 million people over the age of 65 experience symptoms of depression.

Your donation to The Salvation Army supports visits to homebound senior citizens. Donate now.


Social activity sharpens minds.

Studies revealed that seniors ages 50 to 60 who were socially active had slower rates of declining memories.

Your donation helps fund a senior citizen luncheon at a Salvation Army community center. Donate now.


Dementia touches one in seven
Americans over the age of 71.

Recent studies show that consistent human contact and interaction can reduce dementia and depression.

Your donation provides one senior with a week of specialized services and loving interaction at a Salvation Army adult day care program. Donate now.


The Salvation Army wants to see seniors thrive.

Watch how The Salvation Army in Goshen is making a difference every day for seniors.