The Salvation Army Responds to 1000 Year Flood Event in South Bend

Aug 24, 2016

Grand Rapids, MI August 24, 2016 – The Salvation Army has been working with state and local authorities to assess and evaluate the needs of those affected by the devastating flood last week in St. Joseph County, Indiana in which 8 inches of rain fell creating damage to over 900 homes. 300 flood kits have been made available to the public to aid in clean-up efforts. The kits typically contain bleach, trash bags, rubber gloves, N95 respirator masks, a mop, broom, bucket, sponges and a multi-purpose cleaner. Free flood clean-up kits are still available for pick-up at the Kroc Family Resource Center during regular office hours. The Center is located at 900 W. Western Avenue in South Bend.

In addition, local Salvation Army personnel have been meeting individually with flood victims and providing warm food and hydration to the hardest hit neighborhoods.

After careful assessments by over a half-dozen organizations and agencies, the area affected by the flood (primarily St. Joseph County, Indiana) has been declared a long-term disaster site with an estimated 18 months to rebuild and repair. Because of the severity of the damage and the long-term recovery process, dozens of volunteers with a variety of skills are needed to help bring a sense of normalcy to those affected by the disaster. Those interested in assisting with the rebuilding process may contact their local Salvation Army Volunteer Coordinator for additional information.  

The Salvation Army is providing hydration services, snacks and meals to households affected by the flood and to those serving with clean-up efforts. Relief efforts will continue to focus on local emergency response and planning for long-term recovery, based on individual needs assessments.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with those whose lives have been affected due to the recent floods,” said Chris Striebel, The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services Assistant Director. “Rest assured that The Salvation Army will always be ready to provide physical, emotional and spiritual support – whether the disaster is around the corner or around the world,” Striebel added.

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