"The Music Force Awakens"

June 18 – 25, 2016


Captains Jonathan and Chrissy Cooper – Corps Officers at Eagle Creek Corps, Indianapolis, IN

Peggy Thomas – Assistant Territorial Music Secretary

Evening Programs    8:00 P.M. in Pavilion
6/18  Saturday - Welcome Night    
6/19  Sunday - The Faculty Awakens    
6/20  Monday - Water Carnival   
6/21  Tuesday - Festival Band/Chorus & Citadel Band/Chorus     
6/22  Wednesday - Music Con   
6/23  Thursday - Han Solo night/Pine Island Band and Chorus    
6/24  Friday - ElectFest    
6/25  Saturday - Awards Concert      10:00 A.M.  


Youth who are 9 – 17 years old and involved in corps music programs.


The solo competition will take place on Thursday.  Each student who is planning on participating should choose an approved solo from the list on this page.  After the contest the students should receive their adjudication sheets.  The winner from each group will perform during the Thursday evening program. There will also be an alternative solo category for instrumental students to sing or play a instrument other than their primary, i.e. guitar, piano, etc. Also vocal students may play an instrument as a solo. The music for the alternative category may be chosen by the student but must be approved by the Music Camp Director.


Brass Solos(pdf download):      (All music is listed in order from basic to advanced)
The Good Life
Trumpet Voluntary
Emperors Hymn Bb
Emperors Hymn Eb
Amazing Grace
Take My Life
For Your Faith
Children Go Where I Send Thee
My Jesus I Love Thee
Do Remember Me
This Little Light of Mine

Vocal Solos(pdf download):      (All music is listed in order from basic to advanced)
Jesus Loves Me
Jesus Bids Us Shine
Angels Watching Over Me - High Voice
Angels Watching Over Me - Low Voice
Simple Gifts
Grace Through Faith
Psalm 91
He Knows My Name - High Voice
He Knows My Name - Low Voice
A New Day
Dare to be a Daniel - High Voice
Dare to be a Daniel - Low Voice
Come Thou Fount - High Voice
Come Thou Fount - Low Voice
Mary Did You Know
Above All
Loved Forever - High Voice
Loved Forever - Low Voice
Father Creator

Snare Drum Solos(pdf download):      (All music is listed in order from basic to advanced)
Percussion Solos - Beginners
Percussion Solo 1
Percussion Solo 2
Percussion Solo 3

After choosing your music and you wish to have a digital copy of the accompaniment, please contact:

Chuck Warfel
WMNI Divisional Music Director
Email:  [email protected]
Office:    (616) 459-3433
Mobile:   (616) 540-1878