You Gave Till It Helped

Due to your overwhelming generosity, The Salvation Army was able to once again serve a record number of men, women and children with vital human services this Christmas season that would have otherwise gone without. Families were able to put food on their tables, underserved children received toys and senior citizens were able to avert […]

Feeding His Sheep: Answering Jesus’ Call

The Salvation Army food pantry is open Monday – Friday to anyone in the greater Grand Rapids area who is in need of emergency food assistance. In addition to receiving a supply of food items, clients are informed of other possible benefits to help them in the future. The Salvation Army food pantry also works […]

Prenatal and Family Health Clinic

“It’s terrible to be 14 or 15 and to be pregnant – to be scared to death.  Maybe you (had) parents who were so angry, they would kick you right out of the house.” When Roma Beorsma, 92, began working as a Booth Memorial Hospital nurse in 1946, it was less common to be a […]

The Salvation Army Prenatal and Family Health Clinic Assists Gladis

After working in health services for ten years, Gladis Martinez lost her job and struggled to support her family while expecting her third child.  She came to The Salvation Army for medical help. “Never in my life have I ever experienced such a wonderful program,” Gladis explained in a video interview during the 2012 Red […]

Betty Zylstra Represents The Salvation Army at the UN

The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the principal global policy-making body dedicated exclusively to gender equality and advancement of women, will be holding its 57th session on the Status of Women this year.  The Salvation Army Director of Social Services in Kent County, Betty Zylstra, has been appointed to serve as one of […]

Turning Point Dedicated to Treating Patients

The Salvation Army Turning Point Programs are one of the only non-profit, hospital accredited addiction centers in Michigan treating both substance use and co-occurring disorders, and strives to decrease the stigma associated with people suffering from substance use and co-occurring disorders. 1 in every 8 Americans has a significant problem with alcohol or drugs, so […]

From Alcohol Addiction to Recovery Coach

Scott Blok admitted himself to Turning Point, a local resource for alcoholics and addicts, in September of 2010.  Within a six week timeframe leading up to his admittance, his wife left him, his house was foreclosed and his second alcohol-related offense put him in Kent County jail. Life’s hardships were coming in ten-fold for Scott, […]

Consumer’s Energy donates $1 million to The Salvation Army

In keeping with its promise to Michigan, Consumers Energy is making a $1 million contribution to The Salvation Army, enabling us to support the state’s most vulnerable residents with emergency energy bill assistance. The contribution comes during the 30th anniversary of the PeopleCare program, jointly founded and led by The Salvation Army and Consumers Energy. […]

Turning Point Empowers Individuals and Society

1 in every 8 Americans has a significant problem with alcohol or drugs, and 1 in 3 families are affected. After having her first drink at age 16, Amy had “a love for alcohol” that lured her to binge drink. “I grew up feeling like I never fit in anywhere,” said Amy.  “Drinking leveled the […]

Help Us Meet Our Goal

Thank you to everyone so far who has so generously donated to The Salvation Army this holiday season.  Your donations to the red kettles and the overall Red Kettle Campaign have brought us within $184,000 of our campaign goal of $1,700,000. We need your help to fill in the rest so that we can continue […]