Support Emergency Disaster Services Flood Response

On Saturday, April 12, The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services received notification to provide relief efforts and support to those residents and first responders in the Newago and Osceola Counties during recent severe storms and flooding. The White River and Muskegon River have experienced major flooding due to the large amounts of rain and severe […]

On Call: Emergency Disaster Services

On the morning of March 13, a vapor cloud described as a potential chemical threat emerged from the Haviland Enterprises Plant in Grand Rapids. The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster (EDS) team was called for assistance and support after several hours of environmental testing and evaluation by HASMAT crew members and local fire and police officials. […]

Emergency Disaster Services Introductory Training Offered

  Disaster preparedness is important for your home, neighborhood school, work place and your community. A disaster can strike at any moment and without warning. Knowing how best to respond and how you could serve when your community is faced with a tremendous disaster could make all the difference to you, your family and community. […]

The Salvation Army Responds to Typhoon Yolanda

Update 11/14:  The Salvation Army in The Philippines is ready to assist the many thousands of people affected by Typhoon Haiyan.  Seven tons of food—rice and canned goods—have already been prepared for distribution in 18-kilogram packages.  The region’s geography is complicating any response, with the worst-hit area being made up of several islands.  On Leyte, […]

Thank you Little Pine Island Camp Clean-Up Volunteers

The Salvation Army Action Group of young professionals hosted a camp clean-up event on October 12, 2013 from 9:00 a.m. to noon. Over 40 volunteers from area churches, colleges, companies and high schools rolled up their sleeves to get camp ready for winter. In just three hours, volunteers were able to clear brush out of […]

Behind the Shield: Emergency Disaster Services

Chris Striebel is the Emergency Disaster Services Assistant Director for the Western Michigan Northern Indiana Division of The Salvation Army and has been an active member of the response team for several state and national disasters. Striebel has worked with Emergency Disaster Services to respond to recent floods in West Michigan, an F5 tornado in […]

Emergency Disaster Services Deployed in Moore, OK

The Salvation Army has been deployed to the southern Oklahoma City area in the wake of Monday’s devastating tornado. The twister touched down west of Newcastle, Oklahoma at approximately 2:56pm and tore a 22 mile path of destruction northeast through the city of Moore before dissipating prior to reaching Stanley Draper Lake. Early estimates suggest […]

Grand Rapids Community Comes Together

While one person’s street is flooded, another person’s home is flooded. While one person has lost their home due to flooding in Grand Rapids, another person has lost their life due to a bombing in Boston. From our home town to around the nation – in a time when it seems that we are surrounded […]

The Salvation Army to Provide Assistance Following Boston Marathon Explosions

Photo via   Updated on April 17th, 2013: The Salvation Army is providing support to survivors and first responders in Boston, Massachusetts, following the explosions that occurred near the Boston Marathon finish line Monday, which resulted in at least three deaths and left more than 140 people injured. Four Salvation Army canteens (mobile feeding […]

Big Rapids Flood Clean-up Continues

In January, an ice jam caused the Muskegon River near Big Rapids to back up and flood a few miles behind the jam. As a result, 90 homes along the river experienced severe flooding. Most residents had less than an hour to evacuate before their homes began filling with water and ice. More recently, The […]