Grand Rapids Community Comes Together


While one person’s street is flooded, another person’s home is flooded. While one person has lost their home due to flooding in Grand Rapids, another person has lost their life due to a bombing in Boston.

From our home town to around the nation – in a time when it seems that we are surrounded by struggle – it’s inspiring to see a community come together in common cause. Since severe flooding began in the Grand Rapids area on April 18, a grateful community has come together to provide relief and support.

Over 100 volunteers who have logged nearly 800 hours in emergency disaster services relief efforts have helped The Salvation Army distribute approximately 1,000 meals, 3,000 units of hydration and 4,000 snacks with three Salvation Army mobile kitchens (canteens). Support was provided to five emergency shelters, volunteers at two sandbag-filling locations, a local apartment facility (Park Place Apartments) with safe transportation to return residents after an evacuation to the Kentwood Community Center and emergency cots and blankets to a local retirement community (Sunset). Currently, The Salvation Army is collaborating with other local relief agencies in offering support to neighborhoods that have been hit the hardest.

“The Salvation Army is committed to serving our neighborhood in need during this difficult time,” said Major Bob Mueller, Kent County Coordinator. “We will continue to support relief and recovery efforts both now and when the flood waters recede and the clean-up phase of the storm begins,” Major added.

The public can support Emergency Disaster Services flood relief efforts and other local initiative by sending their financial gifts directly to The Salvation Army at 1215 Fulton Street East, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503-3849, online here or by calling 616-459-3433 or 1-800-SAL-ARMY.