Turning Point Dedicated to Treating Patients

The Salvation Army Turning Point Programs are one of the only non-profit, hospital accredited addiction centers in Michigan treating both substance use and co-occurring disorders, and strives to decrease the stigma associated with people suffering from substance use and co-occurring disorders.

1 in every 8 Americans has a significant problem with alcohol or drugs, so offering a place to help those that are suffering is essential.

Utilizing a “no door is the wrong door” approach, Turning Point staff is dedicated to treating the whole person in an empathetic atmosphere to break the cycle of addiction and recover from substance-related personal affairs, including divorce, unemployment, and homelessness. Turning Point offers detoxification, intensive stabilization, residential treatment, outpatient services, and 24 hour licensed nursing care and certified medical supervision.

Turning Point Program currently serves residents in 22 Michigan counties and has treated over 35,000 patients since 1973. Visit TurningPoint.org or call 616-742-0351 for 24 hour help and information.